Port of Antwerp, Why ePIcenter?

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In June 2020 the ePIcenter project started. This 3,5 year H2020 project brings together 36 partners across Europe and beyond. Every month we have an ePIcenter partner explain why they joined the project. We kick-off with the project coordinator Port of Antwerp.
Erwin Verstraelen_POA

Why ePIcenter?

Lead by example

The Port of Antwerp is one of the leading container ports globally (14th place) and within Europe (2nd place). Besides containers it is an important gateway for breakbulk, liquids and rolling stock. Located 80 km inland, it is well connected with its hinterland via road, rail, inland waterways and pipelines and its central location in Europe makes it an ideal place for short sea shipping.

Digital transition

Port of Antwerp is an ambitious port that wants to lead by example becoming a climate neutral port by 2050 and achieving a digital transition.

The ePIcenter projects helps us obtain these goals. It helps us to establish global connectivity with other port communities and supports the digitalisation of our port operations and hinterland connections. This contributes to a more efficient and greener performance of our port and our customers. For example, in ePIcenter we work together with the Port of Montreal to digitize and optimise the transatlantic trade flows between both ports.

“The ability to strengthen our strategic alliance with the Port of Montreal and cooperate on a real-life use case, is an invaluable result of this project to us.”
Mr. Erwin Verstraelen - Chief Digital Information & Innovation Officer

Community Builder

The high involvement of different end-users in the project such as shippers, forwarders, logistic operators, working in close cooperation with technology providers ensures the relevance of the solutions brought forward and can positively impact their time-to-market. It allows us to better understand the needs of our customers and further support and enable the digital transition within our port community.