The project consist of 7 work packages with their deliverables

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WP1 - ePIGEN Vision, Opportunities & Requirements

WP1 led by the Coordinator (PoA) will undertake a detailed analysis from the perspective of all stakeholders in the TENT & Global Networks with a view to understanding the main challenges and opportunities. WP1 also aims to formulate a detailed project specification, vision, goals and success criteria. WP1 will be used directly in the development of the ePIGEN solution and will set in motion the stakeholder and public engagement process .

List of WP1 Deliverables


D1.1 : Initial Review of EU/Global Initiatives, Policies & Standards D1 1 report FINAL Feedback Revision Final

D1.2 : TEN-T & Global Networks Initial Review of Challenges / Confidential

D1.3 : Arctic & New Trade Routes Challenges D1 3 Artic new trade routes challenges 310521

D1.4 : Initial Stakeholder Requirements Analysis / Confidential

WP2 - Global Visibility Technology and Governance

WP2 will provide the visibility and connectivity architecture & protocols by which actors in the Enhanced Physical Internet enabled Global-European Network (ePIGEN) will share real-time data.

List of WP2 Deliverables

TITLE (all deliverables are confidential)

D2.1 : Early Architecture Prototype

D2.2 : Initial ePIGEN International Cooperation & Governance Model

D2.3 : Final ePIGEN International Cooperation & Governance Model

D2.4 : Soft Network Architecture & Physical Internet Models

D2.5 : Modularization Potential to solve empty container repositioning imbalance

WP3 - Artificial Intelligence and ePIGen Optimisation

WP3 will result in innovative Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Logistics Optimization & Simulation Software, Laboratory Simulation Techniques and supporting Analysis Methodologies. These solutions will provide a powerful toolset for users (industry & public sector) to develop better understanding of the impact of new concepts, technologies and strategies in European and Global Logistics, and the impact of new trade routes to and from Europe. This will build on the successes of previous projects, but will introduce new advanced algorithms and technologies.

This toolset will also be able to plan, schedule, optimize and manage logistics networks on an operational, day-to-day basis, creating massive cost savings and benefits for industry.

List of WP3 Deliverables

TITLE (all deliverables are confidential)

D3.1 : Early Lab Network Simulator Prototype

D3.2 : ePIGEN Synchromodal & Transfer Zone Optimization toolsets

D3.3 : Arctic Navigation & AI Fuel Minimization Algorithms

D3.4 : Integrated FreightBot Synchromodal & Multimodal Transfer Zone Toolsets

D3.5 : Freight Network Configuration Impact Comparator Toolset

D3.6 : Environment-& Wildlife-friendly Arctic Navigation Solutions

WP4 - Demonstrators, Showcase and Lessons learned

WP4 will complete full scale business case demonstrators of the ePIcenter solutions in order to:

  1. Evaluate the feasibility, capability, sustainability, practicability and benefits of the ePIcenter tools and innovations
  2. Obtain specific results and analyses (publicly available) which will increase understanding of the impact of new trade routes, disruptive technologies and new environmental issues on global freight flows through major European nodes and around the TEN-T network.

List of WP4 Deliverables


D4.1 : ePIGen Demonstrator plans, KPI's & success criteria / confidential

D4.2 : ePILink early results for Silk Routes and Global Network Demonstrators / confidential

D4.3 : ePINode early Hyperloop and Pods demonstrator / confidential

D4.4 : ePIGen Integrated International Showcase Solutions

D4.5 : ePILink Final ePIGen Demonstrator / confidential

D4.6 : EPINode Final EPIGen Demonstator / confidential

D4.7 : ePIGen Wildlife & Environment Friendly Arctic Routes Demonstrator / confidential

D4.8 : Lessons Learned / confidential

D4.9 : Success Stories

WP5 - Exploitation, Communication & Dissimination

WP5 is aimed at arranging an extensive but highly focused communication programme to engage external stakeholders, benefit from their suggestions and promote the concepts of ePIcenter to a diverse international audience. In addition the plans for long-term exploitation of the project outputs will be finalized, and a structured dissemination plan will be finalized and executed

List of WP5 Deliverables


D5.2 : Initial TEN-T & Global Networks recommendations

D5.4 : European and International Cooperation including Disadvantaged Regions Initial Findings

D5.7 : ePIcenter Community & Online Education Portal

D5.9 : Final TEN-T & Global Networks recommendations