Meet us at TRA 2022

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A large delegation of ePIcenter partners will participate and present during at the largest European research and technology conference on transportation and mobility. You can find our stand at the ALICE Booth

The following partners will be presenting

Monday 14/11:

* (16.30) POAB/Karen Van Brussel at the EU commission stand / ePIcenter introduction

* (17.00-18.30) TSI/ Prof. Dr. Irina Jackiva 1.1.1 Pd 300 User-focused trip planner with expanded suite of features: Riga case study (PhD research with my supervision)

Tuesday 15/11:

* (16:30) Vilnius Tech/Dr. Victor Skrickij Paper ID 345; Section 1.4.2 Pd. The Role of Government and Research Organisations in the Development of Logistics Networks as an Integral Area of Physical Internet

Wednesday 16/11:

* Einride /Andreas Allstrom 612 An approach to link technical safety and policy aspects for system innovation in transport – The case of automated trucks / Cilli Sobiech, RISE, Sweden

* (17.00-18.30) TSI/ Prof. Dr. Irina Jackiva 3.1.1+3.3.1 PosP 1173 Digitalization in coach terminal: Riga case study (case in the frame of We-Transform project).

* (18.30 - 19.00) IHT/Prof. Dr. Walter Neu Pos 808, Track 2.4 Next generation logistics CargoTube: Carbon neutral high throughput logistics by low-pressure tube transportation