ePIcenter @ Smart City World Congress Barcelona

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ePIcenter attended the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona to present our innovations and ideas, and to learn more about the huge range of other technologies and new concepts presented by cities and organisations from around the World. Project coordinators Port of Antwerp-Bruges participated in an informative roundtable session on Innovation in the Blue Economy, while other ePIcenter partners took the opportunity to discuss synchromodality, data sharing communities, new transport technologies and many other topics with the visitors to the exhibition.

Smart City Expo World Congress is a world-leading and influential event for cities and urban innovation. Every year innovative companies, governments and organisations come together in Barcelona to help shape a better future for cities. In short, a great opportunity for ePIcenter to present its innovative ideas on new logistics concepts and technology that will help Smart Cities become greener and more sustainable.

ePIcenter’s scope is broad, covering many areas of global logistics, including ports, shipping, multimodal transport and environmental sustainability. A key focus is on “ePI-Nodes” – future Physical Internet nodes in the supply chain that are driven by a combination of smart algorithms, smart data transfer and smart technology such as autonomous electric vehicles, modularised containers, and possibly even Hyperloop. Smart Cities could have many such ePI-Nodes supporting their future logistics and transport needs.

Smartweek 1

These concepts, and many others, were discussed during the three-day event, via roundtable discussions and networking activity, as captured in these images.

Smartweek 2

Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer @ Port of Antwerp-Bruges participated in the "Innovation in Blue Economy" discussions

Smartweek 3

Lots of discussion about ePIcenter and our efforts to enable resilient, efficient and greener supply chains