Why ePIcenter? - Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management of Montenegro – AMSPM

Each month one of the ePIcenter partners explain their role and interest in the ePIcenter project. This month, Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management of Montenegro (AMSPM) explain their role and work in ePIcenter!

AMSPM background and EU project implementation

Today, the maritime transport and port governance sector is experiencing a global digitalised transformation with plenty of new ICT technological solutions that shape the modern electronic maritime business environment, which calls for integrated collaboration between maritime sector players and innovative technologies developers.

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In this regard, the Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management of Montenegro (AMSPM) proactively participates in the international and EU projects related to research, development, technological innovations in maritime transport and EU governance initiatives for the modernisation of national maritime processes and ICT systems.

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Especially, AMSPM is Montenegrin national competent authority for VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information system), LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking of vessels), CleanSeaNet (EU Satellite system for detecting oil spills), AIS (Automatic Identification System) and SafeSeaNet. In general, AMSPM is a governmental institution responsible for maritime safety and security, and port management.

National Maritime Single Window

Oil spill equipment testing

Currently, AMSPM implements the EU IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) project intending to further develop its capabilities in VTMIS, oil spill prevention, and modernisation of aids for navigation at sea and inland waterways to raise the efficiency of maritime traffic and foster interoperable digitalised ICT systems exploitation.

Besides this, the most relevant new initiative that AMSPM conducts is the National Single Window introduction in Montenegro maritime business environment, according to Regulation (EU) 2019/1239 establishing a European Maritime Single Window environment and IMO FAL Convention. It is expected inclusion of the national maritime community with port authorities, customs, health organisations, forwarding offices, police, harbour masters office, ship and port agents, etc. It will significantly contribute to overall maritime formal reporting process efficiency. All governmental administration bodies and the private sector will have digitalised and standardised solutions for mandatory ship documentation submission procedures. AMSPM is the leading and integrating institution of this project in Montenegro. It will have a pivotal role in operationalising the NMSW system in a national framework, including the integrated network platform for maritime data sharing with IT legacy systems of all participants.

Why ePIcenter project?

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Project ePIcenter encompasses many vital issues of contemporary ICT and transportation technologies development. Also, the ePIcenter project offers many insightful ideas and new technological concepts aiming at transport performance improvement, respecting the EU sustainable development principles and objectives.

It is a substantial basis for AMSPM to introduce new research endeavors for enhanced maritime transportation technologies and potentialy incorporate them in the national transport and trade system. Therefore, the ePIcenter project enables AMSPM to be a part of research/administrative-institutional group of partners, with the expectation that AMSPM will significantly support the generation of many positive effects such as:

  • broader know-how in maritime transport novel ICT technologies applications,
  • recent technical improvements based on latest state-of-the-art analysis and inputs from transport and port market actors,
  • consideration of EU and world best practices in maritime transport and port management, as well as
  • definition and implementation of initiatives for further development of maritime transport and refinement in the port management sector.

AMSPM participation in ePIcenter project

AMSPM has the role of the consultative partner in project ePIcenter related to the provision of technical, legal, institutional, political and empirical expertise concerning the standards, regulatory constraints and EU-wide and national policy implementation in a maritime business environment and Industry 4.0 technologies in logistic and shipping services.

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Therefore, AMSPM participation in the ePIcenter project is expected to monitor relevant technological issues concerning maritime transport safety, efficiency, policy and strategy management, economic governance, and organisational/legal impacts.

Also, AMSPM contributes to the tasks addressing the review of Alignment with EU/Global Initiatives, Policies & Standards and Relevant International Standards & Regulations mostly linked with maritime and transport facilitation, port management and governance, maritime safety and vessel traffic monitoring. Thanks to significant research activities and EU projects implementation (Interreg and Horizon 2020), AMSPM has accumulated substantial expertise in maritime policy to introduce innovative data exchange technologies and exploit its vast potential in enhancing the maritime administration performance.

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AMSPM will promote the NMSW initiatives, model architecture, technological infrastructure to achieve needed interoperability, together with advanced analysis of existing maritime Information Communication Systems.

Collaborating with other partners, AMSPM will support and provide the expertise and give some practical experiences in different tasks such as user and operational requirements and obligations of governmental and researcher data users. Having the versatile project team involved in academic research, AMSPM will contribute to research efforts for logistics performance trends considerations and Modular containers identification task shaping and completion related to Supply Chain Management optimisation.

Finally, AMSPM as a non-EU partner from Western Balkans, will provide inputs for research of maritime transportation in developing regions. AMSPM will assist in achieving project objectives to ensure that ePIcenter solutions are relevant and accessible to the Global Market, including users in the least developed and developing counties.