Partner TIS, Why ePIcenter?

The ePIcenter project started in June 2020. This 3.5 years H2020 project brings together 36 partners across Europe and beyond. Every month we have an ePIcenter partner explaining why they joined the project. In this edition, project partner TIS explains why they like to be part of the ePIcenter project!

Why ePIcenter?

Linking the dots between policy, research and market

TIS is a Portuguese SME company working in the fields of transport and mobility, across the different transport modes and action domains. TIS stands for Transport, Innovation and Systems, which effectively corresponds to what we have been doing since 1992. We are an active player in European research and transport policy studies, positioning ourselves as an entity able to establish bridges and link the dots between policy-research-market. ePIcenter is a clear example of a project addressing all these points, and we are very happy to be involved in it.

EU TENT corridor map

TEN-T, digitalisation and greening

The ePIcenter project touches on several aspects that are extremely important for the TEN-T network. Having digitalisation as the backbone of ePIcenter’s development, the project addresses the role and impacts of the global maritime networks and their hinterland connections, including the analysis of potential innovative modes, as well as multimodal transfer optimisation, AI-driven real time logistics, amongst several other activities. Together, it looks for more efficient and greener performance levels of the TEN-T network.

At TIS, we are deeply involved in TEN-T policy, leading the Corridor Study team for the Atlantic Corridor, which is one of the nine Core Network Corridors as laid down in the TEN-T Regulation. The Atlantic is characterised by its important maritime dimension, forming an almost continuous maritime corridor from Algeciras, which is also a partner in ePICenter, towards Le Havre. Besides, the Corridor is also strongly connected with the North Sea Mediterranean Corridor, one of the Corridors that the port of Antwerp belongs to.

Daniela Carvalho

Our involvement in ePIcenter allows us to contribute with all our knowledge of TEN-T policy, as TIS has been directly involved in the evaluation aiming towards the revision of the TEN-T Guidelines. This allows to bring our experience in the evaluation to better discuss the objectives and requirements of the Regulation, as well as its impacts on transport digitalisation and decarbonisation, in line with the European Green Deal. By taking into account the multimodality of the network, we can assess the impacts of the global transport networks in the entire TEN-T.

Besides, this assessment enables us to enhance our knowledge and interaction with other partners overseas, such as the port of Montreal, which is also in the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean. These interactions can contribute with building additional practices, tools and solutions to the 18 maritime ports in the Atlantic Corridor.

Alexandra Rodrigues

Furthermore, being engaged in the coordination of an International Advisory Board and an International Cooperation Task Force is an enormous opportunity to strengthen our international relations, further contributing to the external dimension of TEN-T policy. Moreover, the opportunity to work together with such a diverse consortium, sharing a common goal to promote green, sustainable and smart logistic chains is extremely valuable. The participation on the project pilots’ development, besides the understanding of their challenges and viewpoints are aspects that motivates us as consultants.

It is not common to have the opportunity to seat ”at the table” with most of the big players in the maritime transport and logistic sector, as well as with end users. As consultants in transport, this experience is of outmost importance for our evolution, helping us to assist those entities in making the whole chain understand real life scenarios, taking into account a holistic and integrated approach.

Daniela Carvalho & Alexandra Rodrigues