New innovation challenge organised by Port of Algeciras

The ePIcenter Port of Algeciras has launched a new innovation challenge on Preserving the marine ecosystem and biodiversity guaranteeing the compatibility of the port activity. Do you have a good idea to realise this? Join the challenge!

Ports are the essential allies for the development and growth of the blue economy since they constitute the physical interface where all industries and sectors related to the oceans, seas and coasts can converge, both those based on the marine environment (maritime transport, fishing, generation energy) or on land (ports, shipyards, land-based aquaculture, seaweed production, coastal tourism). Also including new sectors such as renewable ocean energy, blue bioeconomy, biotechnology and desalination. Therefore, ports are key entities to transform the value chains of the blue economy, achieve a sustainable economy and thus achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan for Europe (COM (2021) 240).

In such a context, one of the challenges shared by the Algeciras Port Authority refers to the conservation and protection of marine biodiversity, not only as an essential condition for the existence of economic activities such as fishing, biotechnology and tourism, but also for the contribution to mitigate climate change and resilience to it. In fact, it has been demonstrated that preserving and restoring coastal vegetation systems such as tidal marshes, mangroves and seagrasses – which accumulate ‘blue carbon’ in their plants, soils and sediments – can contribute considerably to both the European Green Deal’s decarbonization targets and preserving the coastal biodiversity.

The Port of Algeciras is aware of the numerous problems facing the marine environment and, fundamentally, those related to the loss of biodiversity, the appearance of invasive species on the coast and the loss of environmental quality in the port’ waters and within the Bay. That is why they are launching this challenge. The aim is to identify and implement innovative solutions that enhance the recovery of the sea, compensate for human activity, generating a net effect, decontaminate certain areas, combat eutrophication and thus restore important habitats of the seabed (biodiversity) and the improvement of the resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems.

Fanerogamas marinas paderas posidonia
Algeciras Port Innovation Office

Consequently, the following specific challenges are posted:

• Regenerating, restoring and transforming the “grey” port infrastructures and degraded areas within the port into biodiversity and marine life ecosystems, namely blue spaces.

• Solving the pollution problems suffered by the Port of Algeciras due to the discharges and other urban pollutants that end up in the port’ waters and its coastline with the introduction of biologic processes and environmental technological solutions.

• Recovering and restoring of seagrass meadows.

More information can be found on Innovation Challenge Algeciras

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