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FAST MOVER AWARD 2022: 'GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS' The turmoil in the global supply chain this and last year showed how complex the seemingly simple job of getting a product from one place to another can be. That‘s why we invite innovative Startups and Innovators from all over the world to pitch us how we can solve three challenges in relation to the Global Supply Chain Crisis. Right now ideas and innovation are more in need than ever!

Fast Mover Award in a Nutshell

  • The competition is hosted once a year by the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg

  • This year the Fast Mover Award is all about the Global Supply Chain Crisis

  • Within this topic we set 3 challenges and adress international applicants to pitch their solutions and innovative concepts for one of the challenges

  • A jury of experts will select three finalists each and pick the winner in a live broadcast on April 7th

  • The winner of each category receives 3.000€ instant financial support

Digital Hub Logistics Attack


1) Supply chain delays

2) Lack of driver & manual labor

3) Logistics. Surprise us.

You can find more insights on their website.

Spread the word on all relevant channels to find the most promising solutions to our challenges OR apply with your ideas and solution to become a game changer!

The applications should be sent in by 21-03-22 and the HubTV Award Session will take place on April 7th, 5 pm, CET.

Join us to witness the winners and some inspiring ideas and solutions!